Destination: Cybercity (@blazeakechi)

[Arc’s arrival in Cybercity lacks the fanfare one would think when dimension-hopping - he simply phases into existence and stumbles a little, momentarily disoriented. He feels sick and his technological enhancements struggling to retune themselves to this reality only serves to make it worse.

But it’s gotten better now. Now it only takes a few minutes! In the beginning, it had taken upwards of hours to readjust to new places.

The dark-skinned young man takes in the sights. So this is what Cybercity looked like at one point in time! It’s so much different from the Cybercity of the future. He smiles, then spots a strange boy with sandy colored hair and a red scarf.]

"Ah, excuse me!"

[He hurries to Blaze’s side, trying to get his attention.]

"This will be a strange query, however I must ask: what year is this?"