"…n-no offense, Mr Archer, but…th-that does sound kinda bad!” *Amaya doesn’t sound angry or indignant when she says this, though. She sounds upset, but like she feels sorry for him. It’s a weird thing to feel bad about, the lack of sweets, but still!*

"Y-Yeah, it’s nice but…but wow, I’m sorry about your food…" *She stares at her own crepe, frowning lightly.* "But if you t-travel a lot…that means you c-can have sweets anytime you want, too! Like us! Uwah!" *suddenly her eyes shine a bit* "If you like crepes, Mr Archer, you’d like ice-cream sundae! O-Or pizza, or cake, or pie…there’s a lot o-of sweets you need to try." *she smiles* "You can make th-that something to do, too. Travel and eat delicious f-food.

"….i-if you want."

[Archer’s cheeks tint a little darker for a moment, and he can’t help but laugh.]

"Truth be told, I have begun this quest bit by bit - unfortunately, there are so many interesting foods out there that I am not quite sure where to begin."

[He pauses briefly, then nods.]

"Pizza is indeed quite delicious, I must agree with that. Do you have any other recommendations? I am quite willing to try anything at least once."

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       ~☢~ She watched as the other turned and morphed his form before her eyes. There was not much to really say that she didn’t find out of place. But he now looked like a Bat demon almost and that was fine. Though not really common, they are not rare either in this world making him seem perfectly normal around here. But when he flew off to get a layout of the city, she had to laugh at his remark as to stay some where safe. She turned her head as her eyes gave off a glow and she licked her lips. 

"Safe? Sorry Archer, but The only safe place is where I sent you. So do please take your time…."

She was mostly speaking to herself but also to the hunters that were all in different hybrid forms of Animals. Beta Hunters. Seems that they were in full swing for them to be this fast. “Come on Boys. I need to make sure you don’t get a message out.”

While she busied herself with taking out the trash. Lets make a layout for Archer to find. The city name is Hoshitaru. Not a very well known city but still a rather large one. It has its residential area all around the main city that consisted of a scatter shot of shops restaurants and sky scraper offices. A pretty simple place with two malls at either side of the city boarder. And one large sky scarper with the word ESPOND written at the top on all four sides.

All in all it would take only about a half an hour for one to fly around and get a good lay of the land. Though the demoness was not about to wait the whole time so instead, after finishing the hunters and leaving them in  no condition to move or even remember her later, she placed her hand to her ear and took a deep breath opening a telekinetic link to Archer and just hopped he did not have that kind of thing blocked.

"Archer-san. I had to move from where we were. Do you think you can find us a place to meet up?"

[Arc was surprised at how easily it was to fly with wings, considering he hadn’t done it much before. Perhaps it was the more mechanical side of him taking control, though Arc didn’t quite know how to feel about that. Instead of worrying about his humanity, the dark skinned young man memorized every section of the city, compiling it into his internal database. As tempted as he was to look up ESPOND and figure out just what this place really was, he held off, circling back as he finished his perimeter check.

Doing a second search, there was a sudden screech in his mind and Arc bit back a yelp of pain, losing control of his flight capabilities for a moment - thankfully, the pain receded and he could hear Ani fairly quickly - as he righted his flight pattern, thankful he hadn’t fallen right out the sky.]

<I shall do my best, Miss Sado.>

[He hoped he’d been able to send a telepathic response well enough - he wasn’t used to doing such things, and he’d certainly have to plead for Ani to give him a heads up next time around - such things were something he really needed to know in advance!

Golden eyes scanning the town, his gaze lit up briefly - there, a few miles from the residential district, was a set of abandoned, torn down houses…they looked to be in horrible shape, and a quick infared scan told him there were no living beings in the area - it surely would be safe enough for he and Ani to hide there.

Shutting his eyes for a moment, he sent Ani a telepathic picture of the location.]

<Here is the safest place for us, Miss Sado. Where are you? I feel it would be safest to rendezvous somewhere with you, I do not want you to be left alone in this place.>

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*Amaya laughs, looking positively delighted with his reaction. It’s always fun to see first reactions to one’s favorite food, and this…Well, this was a good one!*

"Isn’t it? You should t-try the other flavors when you have a chance! I al-always get the sweet ones myself, but…" *she paused to take another bite* "Th-they’re all s-so good! I can’t imagine not h-having crepes!

"Do they h-have these where you’re from?"

[Ah, the gentle flavor of the banana, the sweetness of the cream and caramel, the slight bittersweetness of the custard - it was all so great! This truly was a fantastic good, and one he’d certainly have to get his hands on far more often! He listens to Amaya speak, happily taking a few more bites, then shakes his head at her question.]

"I am afraid not. My home is - much more advanced than this current time and place. Our food is…designed more for health and vitality than things like delicious taste or sweetness. It is quite dull by comparison to something such as this."

[He smiles a little.]

"I am a little envious, truth be told. It must be nice to have such sweet things whenever you wish."

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       ~☢~ Though she was seething with anger. There was little she could do about her past. Even if for the those that lived in this world, it has only been six years since Her family had became infamous for their break out of the company ESPOND. Though the way that Archer was speaking and willing to help though he did not know of her, it warmed her heart.

"Lets start with a basics. You don’t want to stand out here so probably look.. normal? Hell its hard to tell what normal is here. I guess the best look would be, mostly flesh and blood type like me. Ears and things are not really uncommon so they can stay."

Trying to think of what was normal in a world where Demons and Angels mixed in fine with normal humans in some places made her head hurt. THe main thing was to make yourself seem normal and not a fighter at all. ESPOND was still around and she knew it. And they would be looking for her… Kind of.

"As for what you can do…" She really didn’t want to use this boy as her own means of hiding. Though she did have an idea.

"We are probably gonna need some clothing. So I do have one favor. Think you can find a way to get a layout of the city over there?"

[Arc listens, calculating and weighing options. It isn’t until Ani asks if he can get a layout that he finally even looks at her.]

"I will do all I can, Miss Sado."

[He grasps the pendant around his chest, takes a breath, and concentrates. There’s a quick flash of light and Arc stands before her, looking remarkably more human than he once did. Gone are the various electronic bits and bobs, replaced with flesh and blood. His ears are normal, albeit rather pointed, and his golden eyes have taken on a more catlike, demonic pupil. He seems to have gained fangs in the shift, and his outfit is much more subdued - a plain black sleeveless top, plain dark blue pants, simple black boots. His white hair has been slicked back, a green bandana keeping his bangs out of his face, and his white hair is tied back into a small ponytail. Pitch black horns protrude from his skull, long and sharp looking. The pendant hangs around his neck, the only link to his true self.

But perhaps the most noticeable shift in appearance is the pair of dark bat wings on his back. He pauses, examines his hands - quietly noting the black, sharpened nails - and gives his wings an experimental flap. Good, they work too.

He looks smaller, now that his hair is slicked back. Hazarding a guess, he doesn’t look any taller than 5’5” or so.]

"I will survey on ahead, Miss Sado. Please remain somewhere safe, I do not wish for you to be harmed."

[Giving her a kind smile, he flaps his wings, and is soon off, flying ahead toward the city.]

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"Ohh, that’s a g-good one too!" *Amaya handed over the money, as the girl behind the counter heard their orders already. 

A few short minutes later, and she handed over the crepe to Archer as they moved for the next customer* “H-here you go. I like to go in a circle…” *she briefly demonstrated, taking a bite from one side of the cone, and then a bite right next to that one and then another* “But you c-can eat them any way you like.”

[Arc stares at the confection, perplexed. Bananas, caramel, whipped cream and what seems to be a vanilla custard all wrapped inside what looks like a very thin pancake and held in a paper cone. It reminds him briefly of ice cream cones, though he’s never seen an ice cream cone so well decorated. Perhaps the waitress at the counter had anticipated him being new to it, she had included a plastic spoon with his.

He watches Amaya demonstrate how she likes to eat hers, but when he looks back at his own crepe, his expression is still one of immense scrutinization, as if he’s trying to calculate the best way to eat it.

Finally, hesitantly, he uses the plastic spoon, scoops together some banana, caramel, whipped cream and custard, and takes a bite. The effect is instantaneous - his ears perk straight up as the blue sections on his ears light up, the blue patches on his cheek doing the same.]


[How had he ever gone so long without this in his life?!]

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Somehow it seemed like he had said something terrible, and even Ira couldn’t help but flinch a little at the sound of his voice. Opening his mouth to say something, Ira quickly shut it, realizing that he didn’t quite know what to say in the first place- he wasn’t good at dealing with things like this! Ah, why did this have to be so much trouble!?

"I didn’t mean it like that, stupid!" He finally blurted out. “A Psyche’s not your soul, it’s just a manifestation of your heart and desires.” He said, narrowing his eyes. “And you thought I was calling you soulless! What kind of airhead are you?”

"And just I can’t sense it doesn’t mean you don’t have one! You know, you’re weird, that’s all! I’m not used to not being able to tell that sort thing!" He blurted out, before wondering if he said too much. Ah, Rikka would have his hide if she knew about this- he really wasn’t any good at this ‘being nice’ thing she kept badgered him about.

[…well, this was embarrassing. Arc quickly bows to Ira.]

"I apologize! The traditional definition of a psyche is one’s soul, so I merely thought…"

[But he looks…happy? Definitely more at ease, in any case, and not as tense as he looked a few seconds ago. Smiling, he shakes his head.]

"I suppose it does not matter."

[And he laughs when Ira calls him strange yet again.]

"I am quite strange. You seem to be the first to point this out, however. No one else seems to notice…”

An Archer chibi I made with this chibi maker~! I tossed it in Photoshop afterward to tweak Archer&#8217;s skintone and brighten his eyes a little, but that&#8217;s it. I like to imagine this is how he looks when he disguises himself as a normal looking person, eheheh~

An Archer chibi I made with this chibi maker~! I tossed it in Photoshop afterward to tweak Archer’s skintone and brighten his eyes a little, but that’s it. I like to imagine this is how he looks when he disguises himself as a normal looking person, eheheh~

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When he mentioned himself she kinda looked him over and then half smacked herself in the forehead. She talks about not noticing odd things upon herself but she can’t even register when another is just as out of place as herself.

"Point for you Archer-san. Guess I should listen to my own words from now on huh."

That answer also hit home rather well. Speaking of she had just been pulled from another world not to long ago. And she hadn’t checked herself to know where she was.

"You maybe right. Hold on let me check where we ar-" Her words froze as a sudden assault upon her senses caused her mind to feel like it was gunna explode. She had to shut her senses off for a moment and take a few deep breaths as her body dropped to one knee and her hand covered her eyes.

Ani took a few moments to breath before she was able to talk. “Archer… I have two questions. First off, How much do you know of Angels, Demons, and Reapers? The second is do you know how to disguise yourself? If you don’t know either, You will learn here and quick.”

The demoness stood up straight and turned to look back over her shoulder. They were in a space just outside of a city so she could see it rather well. Her next words held a certain level of hatred. “Welcome to Earth. Year 3065. This is my own home world. And one that I have not been to in over 2000 years..”

[She certainly was an odd one, but Arc can’t complain. She seems kind enough, in any case. He smiles as she offers to check just where they are - an expression that quickly turns bewildered as she suddenly and abruptly dropped to one knee, breathing ragged.]

"Miss Sado!"

[He’s quick to hurry to her side, a hand to her shoulder, mind running in a million directions at once. Was she injured? Sick? Or perhaps something else? He wants to ask, but he’s cut off when she speaks up.]

"I - I cannot say for sure, while I can easily look this information up, it very rarely stays consistent through interdimensional travel…"

[Her second question earns a nod though.]

"It is within my capabilities to disguise myself according to my surroundings, yes."

[It’s then that Ani gets up - something he quietly helps with - and when she speaks again, the hatred in her voice is as plain as day. His brows crease in concern for Ani - what had been so awful to cause her to flee from here for over 2000 years?

It takes Arc a moment to absorb their situation fully. When he speaks again, his tone is mostly calm, though his eyes suggest he’s a little afraid too.]

"…I am not sure how much help I will be to you, Miss Sado, however you are free to utilize my abilities as you see fit. Tell me what I must do, and what I must change into."

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At the mention of research, Ira’s face pales a little and he steps away from Archer. Even when the older boy catches himself, he still clearly doesn’t feel at ease- Rikka’s mother had much the same reaction when he came to live with them, and although she had settled down about it, she had been very interested in him and his body at the time- and frankly it had made him uncomfortable.

"You’re weird." Ira answered honestly. “I can’t see your psyche, one way or another.” He glanced away a bit, muttering to himself, mostly. “I don’t like not being able to tell…”


[Arc’s ear twitched again. Silently, he peruses his databanks. Totality of the human mind, research of the conscious and unconscious human mind, closely related to psychology - somehow, that didn’t seem to fit what Ira was saying. He researches further -

- ah, it derived from a Greek word meaning soul or spirit…

…oh. Oh. Arc feels the pit of his stomach drop. He’s not quite sure how to reason this away - from a scientific perspective, it made sense, given he was artificial to begin with and his body was technologically enhanced to boot…

…but from a more emotional perspective, it was more than a little distressing. Even being artificial and like he was, surely he still had a soul, right…?]

"…I can assure you I am not a soulless vessel, if that puts your mind at ease."

[His voice sounds a bit flat. Ira’s comment hurt more than Arc had thought it did.]

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"Why are you getting angry for?" Ira asked, frowning. As much as this guy said he was a human, he definitely didn’t seem like one! One way or another, he couldn’t sense this guy’s Selfishness for a start, and it bothered him.

However, when he questioned Ira’s own identity, his bat wings unfurled straight out, almost on the alert, before he self-consciously covered them up. “W-what’s wrong with them!? I look a lot more than you! Besides, I’m not human to begin with, so don’t go comparing me to them!”

"I see…"

[Arc’s golden eyes light up with happiness.]

"That is quite fascinating! I was unaware of races that resembled humans but were not human themselves. I clearly must study this further, this warrants more research…"

[He catches himself then, laughing nervously.]

"Ah, I apologize. Learning about the universe is exciting to me, I have a tendency to go overboard."

[Another decisive pause. Was it just him or did Ira seem annoyed with him somehow?]

"…have I done something to upset you, perchance? You seem quite angry at me for one reason or another."